What Make a Real Online Casino?

Real online casino sites are sites where you play for real money, just as you would at a land based casino.  There are many casino sites where you can play for fun, with no money, and most of the great online casino sites offer these options which are great if you just want have some fun, or practice on a game you want to put money on later.

But for the full and real online casino experience and a chance to win money, you will obviously want to play REAL casino games, with real money and real winnings.  And there are so many of these casino websites available to Canadian players these days.  They generally are internationally based, but regulated in their own countries, and there are super online casino review sites which will help you decide which ones are the most trustworthy sites for you to play casino games on.

Welcome Bonuses In Real Online Casinos

As there is so much competition with real online casinos, you as the potential customer, are in a very strong position for choosing the best casino for you.  Look for websites that allow you to transact in Canadian Dollars, this will save you a small fortune in foreign exchange fees when cashing out your winnings or depositing more money for playing with into your online account.

Make sure that if you are French Canadian, that French is a support language available to you 24/7 from the real money slots casino sites’ customer services department. But the best thing with signing up is that there are welcome bonuses that are specific to Canadian players, and these can be really worthwhile.  Often what the real online casino sites offer is to match the deposit that you put up for playing with.

This can run into figures like CAD$1000 – CAD$1500 on some of the websites. That gives you real money to play with, and often there are additional free spins when you sign up, and you keep all of your winnings in real money with your bonus welcome spins and coupons.

What Are The Best Games For Winning?

When playing at a real online casino, the odds for playing slots are the most stacked against you, whereas the table games give you the highest chances of winning.  Here we list the three best games for playing to win.

Blackjack – This game gives you the best odds of a win in every real online blackjack casino, as well as the land based ones. The house edge is only around 1%, sometimes as low as 0.13%.  Playing against the dealer makes it much easier to win, and furthermore it is one of the biggest paying out online casino games out there.

Craps – This dice game offers the second best casino odds to players, with the house edge being only around 1.2%, but sometimes as low as 0.60%. It is a fairly complex game, but playing on the ‘pass line’ ensures that almost all of the Canadian players, even beginners can win something from their play.

Roulette – Roulette is easy to play on your favourite real online casino, and the house edge is roughly 2.7% for single zeros, and 5.26% for double zeros. Just pick your number and wait for the dealer to spin the ball!