Review & Guide - Super Diamond Deluxe Online Slot

Review & Guide: Super Diamond Deluxe Online Slot

Super Diamond Deluxe slot by Blueprint Gaming has total of five reels and ten paylines for Canadian players. This slot by Blueprint Gaming boasts a realistic cartoon style that is simple and understated. This type of art style will remind the player of a time when slot machines were more of a straight forward affair, and this slot is just such a slot.

The background for this slot is a simple red curtain with various folds in the fabric and red highlights. The gradient fades to black towards the bottom of the slot and makes for a simple yet pleasing aesthetic. To the left and the right of the reel, the player can see the various paylines for the slot.

They are written in a gold font and feature black backgrounds which make them stand out from the rest of the scene. These numbers include a four, an eight, a two, a ten, a seven, a one, a six, a three, a nine and a five and run from top to bottom.

At the top of the reel, in large gold letters with a golden border and black background, the player can see the progressive jackpot.

Under the reel, the player can see various bits of information about both the slot and their betting options. By selecting paytable, the player is able to see the paytable for the slot. This button is highlighted in blue. Next, the player’s total bet is displayed with plus and minus arrows. This allows the player to adjust their total bet at the start of each spin. If they are happy with their bet, they can simple leave it the same from bet to bet.

Next to that is a black box that shows the player’s total win. To the right of that is the autoplay button and finally the spin button.

The autoplay button is purple while the spin button is highlighted with a bright green colour. At the top of the slot, the player can see their total coin balance.

Bonus Features

One of the biggest bonus features of this game is the progressive jackpot.

With this feature, the number at the top of the reel, the progressive jackpot, continues to grow as the player plays. When the reels turn gold, the player has a chance to win big with the progressive jackpot, just like the big wins players can expect from various bingo Canada options online today.

Super Diamond Deluxe Symbols

The symbols in Super Diamond Deluxe take from the classic symbols of a card deck. The first of these classic symbols is a red king. There is also a blue jack, a purple ten, a yellow ace, and green queen. As one might assume from the name, there are also many different coloured gemstones in this game. The first gemstone is a clear and brilliant diamond.

The second gemstone is a deep red ruby. The third gemstone is a deep blue sapphire, and the final gemstone in this game is a bright green emerald.

Each of these gems feature a different cut which adds to the realism of the art style that Blueprint Gaming has chosen.