Review of Crazy 7 Online Slot Game

When it comes to slot games, there are four main types of slots that players will encounter online. The most popular type of slots are the modern video slots that offers a perfect blend between classic casino game and modern video technology. In addition to video slots, players can also find progressive slots as well as fruit slots and classic slots.

While classic slots do not offer as many features as their more popular counterparts, they still hold a special place with many players. The basic reel setup and classic casino sounds appeal to all slot purists who are looking for an authentic slot experience similar to what you would find in a land based casino. One such game that epitomised the essence of classic slots is Crazy 7.

A Three Reel Classic Slot by Microgaming

Powered by Microgaming this classic Vegas-style online video slot game is by nature a perfect version of what a classic slot should be. Crazy 7 is a simple three reeled slot that has a single payline. For those players who are used to the modern video slots, three reels with one payline might not sound like enough. The truth is that classic slots have a single focus, and that is on the payout and forming a winning combination. The theme of the game is based around the number 7. Almost all aspects of the game and the theme revolve around different coloured version of the auspicious number.

The Look and Feel of the Game

The backdrop to the Crazy 7 slot game is a simple purple screen with party balls and 7’s scattered about. The overall look and feel of the game is quite festive. As with most classic slot games, there is no real background music, with only the classic casino slot noise when the reels spin and a flurry of music when a winning combination is achieved. On the three reels, there is only one type of symbol that players will come across and this is the number 7. There are a total of four different coloured 7’s that appear on the reels. Each colour denotes the importance of the symbol and is linked to how much is paid out.

High Paying 7’s

Because of the basic nature of the game, the full paytable is pasted on the top right hand screen in the main Crazy 7 game. From here players can see that the lowest paying symbol is the pink 7 paying out 5 coins for all three sevens on a single bet and 15 coins on a max bet. This is followed by the blue seven paying out 75 coins on a max bet, then 150 coins for the green seven and finally the red seven pays out the most with a jackpot payout of 400 coins for all three red sevens on a max bet.

A game for Beginners and Slots Purists

For each spin, players can select a single coin bet or a max bet. Crazy 7 mobile no download pokies is the type of game that is best suited for new players and classic slot enthusiasts. As a classic slot, the game does not include any wild symbols, scatter symbols or free spins. The focus of the game is on the slot itself. This is the perfect game for beginners who have never played slots online before. The simple setup and easy to understand paytable will get players to start playing and winning in no time.