Peggle Online Slots

A Closer Look at Peggle Online Slots

Peggle is an online slot title that was inspired the game of the same name, by Popcap. This title was a big cult hit on mobile and desktop. This online slot title hopes to continue this popularity. This title was developed by Blueprint Gaming. It offers players free spins and unique bonus features. There are five reels that are divided into 50 different pay lines that can be activated.

Wagering starts at 0.01 per coin per pay line. This wager total goes up 500 per spin which will activate each of the 50 pay lines at maximum wager total. Peggle also features levels that progress as you play the game. Peggle features free spins, wilds and a unique Peggle Master bonus feature.  An Auto play feature is present in Peggle.

The Extreme Fever Bonus Round

The silver ball on the golden background is the Extreme Fever bonus trigger. This symbol is a scatter symbol and will trigger the bonus feature for three or more symbols landing anywhere on the reels. There are 10 different features to trigger in this bonus round. Just like the original Peggle game, these features are unlocked by completing specific tasks.

The features are triggered by unlocking on of 10 Peggle Masters. These master grant special features like Master Hu who gives you free spins until you have landed 10 winning combinations. Kat Tut, another Peggle Master will award players 14 spins with stacked wilds on reels two, three, four and five.

How To Trigger The Peggle Masters

The first Peggle Master is unlocked after you take your first spin. The Second Peggle Master is unlocked after a player makes five winning combinations in a row. The third Peggle Master is unlocked after you land a win after activating 50 pay lines. The fourth Peggle Master will be unlocked after you enter the Extreme Fever bonus round 20 times. You will unlock a Peggle Master if you hit the Extreme Fever bonus round consecutively. If you have hit winning combination on each of the 50 pay lines you will also unlock a Peggle Master. The final three Peggle Masters are unlocked after 10, 15 or 20 consecutive losing spins.

The Peggle Reel Symbols

The on reel symbols in Peggle feature at real money slots Philippines the basic card symbols, 10, 9 Queen, Jack, Queen and King. These symbols result in minimum pay out of 10 coins for three matching 10 or 9 symbols. They offer a maximum pay out of 250 coins for five matching Ace or King symbols.  It also features symbols from the original Peggle game. The two Yin Yang trophies in Gold and Silver will award players with 300 coins at maximum pay out.

The Devil and Angel Peggle balls are the highest valued symbols in the game. They will trigger a win for two or more symbols on an active pay line. The other in game symbols require three or more symbols on an active pay line. Two matching symbols result in a 5 coin payout and five matching symbols result in a 400 coin pay out.

The Peggle Wild Symbol

The Peggle wild symbol is the golden star. The wild symbol will substitute its value for any symb0ol required to complete a winning combination. The Peggle wild will not substitute for the Extreme Fever scatter symbol.