Best Alien and Space Inspired Slot Games

There are so many slot games available now that sometimes it can be hard to keep track. From car themes to wildlife adventures, there is a slot that caters to almost any interest. And if one is looking for the best alien and space inspired slot games, there are plenty of games that fit the … Read moreBest Alien and Space Inspired Slot Games

Best Things In Life Online Slots

Best Things In Life slot by iSoftbet features a total of five reels along with twenty paylines. Best Things In Life has a photo realistic graphic rich online slots style that aims to highlight elements of a life lived in pure luxury. The use a diverse colour range gives the slot a quality that helps … Read moreBest Things In Life Online Slots

BetSoft Partners with MyBet for Games

Those who are lovers of truly cinematic and 3D experiences when they are playing slots are sure to be familiar with BetSoft gaming software. They are known as the leading developer for cinematic online slots Canada that feature 3D elements and are leaps and bounds above any other software developer in this department. BetSoft partners … Read moreBetSoft Partners with MyBet for Games

BetSoft Slot Games

BetSoft is a company that has been focusing on creating a very memorable player experience in the gaming realm since nineteen ninety nine. They specialize in making three dimensional games for the online casino industry that are to the highest standard possible. While most games being launched in the industry by other software manufacturers are … Read moreBetSoft Slot Games

Cricket Bets – New Zealand’s Best

Whether it’s the magic of a team of players working together as one to reach a unified goal, following the rise and making of absolute legends, the various formats in which the game is played (5 day cricket, 1 day cricket, Twenty20 matches), it being a gentleman’s game, the nail-biting excitement of it all or even the social interaction between fans, one thing is for certain: New Zealand loves cricket.

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Spread Betting

Spread betting is a unique form of bet making that can be engaged in now by New Zealand bet makers. In essence, spread betting can also be called playing the markets. A spread bet is a bet placed on a market indicator to either rise or fall.

Spread betting is available on a number of market indicators, thousands in fact, and is very portable to those who are familiar with global markets and their trends.

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Finding a Premier Online Sportsbook for Canada

The best in the online sports betting business have been offering their services to punters in Canada for over a decade, and have managed to keep up the pace of the ever expanding Canadian sport betting market.

These online sportsbooks offer the pinnacle of Canadian sports betting: baseball, football, basketball and of course the ever-popular ice hockey.

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