Magic Love Online Slot Basics for Real Money Casino Gamers

Magic Love is a classic slots game based on the traditional fruit machines. Instead of incorporating different fruit symbols, however, it makes use of romantic and love-based symbols to fit the name.

The Magic Love slots game was designed and developed by Net Entertainment, and it offers the classic three by three reel structure to give players a total of nine reels to play on. As an added bonus, every pay line can be activated more than once, giving players the chance to play a total of sixty four pay lines in one spin.

Magic Love Betting

Magic Love allows players to bet on sixty four pay lines and they are able to bet a maximum of sixty four coins on each spin. The game gives players two coin values to play with. These are ten cent coins and twenty cent coins. Players can choose their coin denomination, and then decide how many pay lines they wish to play on. In selecting this, players may use the ‘Single Line’ button to add an individual pay line. They may also click the ‘All Lines’ button to add the full eight pay lines. Each pay line can be activated eight times, resulting in the total maximum of sixty four lines to play on.

Players will then need to click the ‘Spin’ button to make the reels spin. They can click the button again while the reels are spinning to make them stop quicker, or make use of the independent reel stopping feature, see below.

Independent Reel Stopping

One of the unique features of the Magic Love slots game is that any one of the reels can be stopped independently from any of the others. Players, then, can choose when they want which reel to stop. While the reels are spinning, some of the buttons on the home screen will act as the reel-stopping buttons. During play, if players wish to stop the first reel, they may do so by clicking on the ‘Clear Bets’ button. If they wish to stop the second reel, they can do so by clicking on the ‘Single Line’ button. Finally, if they wish to stop the third reel, they can do so by clicking on the ‘All Lines’ button. These buttons may be found at the bottom of the reels.

Magic Love Payouts

The Magic Love slots game does not feature any bonus games. However, there are some high payouts available from the winning combinations, and players can already win by landing only one symbol. All the relevant winning combinations and pay outs may be seen on the game’s pay table. The pay table specials will show all the special pay outs. The pay table also shows winnings labelled as ‘All’, meaning that players have to get that specific symbol on all nine reels to receive the specific pay out.

Magic Love Slot Game Settings

The Magic Love slots game allows players to adjust various game settings by clicking on the wrench icon at the bottom left of the home screen. Some of the features that may be adjusted are the sound effects in an opposite way bettors set in election betting Australia, enabling or disabling fast play, switching the auto play mode on or off, and viewing one’s game history.