iPad Vegas Three Card Rummy Reviews

Mixing It Up A Little with 3 Card Rummy for iPad

There are countless casino games, and they keep on developing as technology progresses. While, before, one might have only found fruit machines in the slots section, there are now hundreds of machines to choose from. This is true for other games as well, and as technology progresses and new devices, such as smart phones and tablets, are invented, new games come to the fore to uniquely fit the new methods of play.

How to Play iPad Vegas Three Card Rummy

In a nutshell, iPad Vegas three card rummy is a card game similar to three card poker, using a standard fifty-two card deck, but it is scored and winning hands are determined very differently. In short, the cards are ranked according to their traditional poker values, with royals being a ten and one to nine scored at face value. The aces, however, are always scored as low.

The point of the game is to have fewer points than the dealer. The game starts with each player placing an initial bet, after which players and the dealer will receive three cards each. The dealer’s cards are always placed faced down. The players can look at their cards, and then have to make a choice of wether to raise or fold. If the option of raising is chosen, players have to make a rise that is equal to the initial bet.

Once players have made their decisions to raise or fold, the dealer will turn over the dealer cards. In order to qualify, the dealer must have twenty points or less. If the dealer does not quality, the game is restarted. If the dealer does qualify, then the totals of each player and the dealer will be compared, and the one with the lower total will win. If the player wins, the initial bet will pay even money and the raise according to a pre-set table. If the dealer wins, the player will lose both the initial and the raised bet. A tie will result in a push.

The Advantages of the iPad

While the iPad casino has its own set of advantages, there are certain benefits to playing iPad Vegas three card rummy. For one, players do not need to calculate their scores and hand totals on their own, as the iPad Vegas three card rummy software will do that on their behalf and simply display the total. It is thus rather simple for players to enjoy the game as no calculations of the administrative type are involved, and they can simply focus on their game strategy. This makes iPad Vegas three card rummy a great option for players.

The Online Versions

The rise of the online gambling casino world has seen a particularly great influx of new games, as classic casino games are adapted to online play, and for play on particular devices such as the iPad. This rise of new games has also seen the development of iPad Vegas three card rummy, which is a version of Vegas three card rummy particularly for the iPad. Since the iPad device generally runs on standard online casinos but offers these in the form of applications and may have a few other benefits particular to the game that are independent of the device itself, the iPad Vegas three card rummy game generally operates the same as traditional online Vegas three card rummy.