iPad Pai Gow Poker Previews

Enjoy iPhone Pai Gow Poker Whenever, Wherever

The origins of pai gow, a Chinese tile game, are lost in the mists of time, but the ancient game is enjoying renewed popularity all over the world as pai gow poker. This is the card-based version of the game, in which the object is to create two winning poker hands from the seven cards dealt, now offered by most real-world casinos as well as their online and mobile counterparts.

iPhone pai gow poker lets you experience the unique challenges and thrills of the game on your favourite tablet, with superb sound quality and first-rate animations, whenever you have a few minutes free to amuse yourself, from wherever you are.

There are several free-play options available, too, so anyone who has wanted to try out the game, but has been deterred because it looks so complicated at first, can learn the intricacies of iPad pai gow poker in a no-risk environment.

Learning your Pai Gow Poker Splits

iPhone pai gow poker is usually a straight player-versus-dealer card challenge, played with a 53-card deck that includes one joker. The player is dealt seven cards face-up, while the dealer’s seven cards are dealt face-down. The player then has to divide their cards into a five-card “big hand” and a two-card “small hand”, trying to create the highest-ranked poker hand possible in each. The small hand cannot be have a higher ranking than the big hand, but apart from that, the player can make this division however they prefer.

The dealer’s hand is then divided into big and small hands according to rules called the “house way”, and compared with the player’s hands, big to big and small to small. If both the player’s hands beat both the dealer’s, the player wins and is paid even money on bets (usually less a 5% house commission, although not always). If both the dealer’s hands beat the player’s, the house wins. If the player wins one and loses one, the result is a push.

In games with more than one player at the table, players and the dealer get alternating chances to act as “the banker”, playing against the house and the other players. In the event of ties between any two hands, the win goes to the banker.

Requiring More Skill than Luck

The advantage of iPhone pai gow poker, from a player’s perspective, is that the player’s skill in setting their two hands is more important to the outcome than the luck of the cards dealt. It’s also a fairly slow game that results in a lot of pushes, so it delivers hours of enjoyment at relatively low stakes and low risk. At first, however, it can appear fiendishly complicated, and it takes a bit of practice to learn how to set the two hands effectively. So it’s helpful that beginners can play for free while they get the hang of it; or even forever, if they prefer never to wager real money. There are many mobile casino Malaysia sites offering free-to-download iPad pai gow poker apps, and plenty of others at which you can play free directly via your browser. And if and when you do feel ready to risk real money on your pai gow poker skills, there are also plenty of real-money  casinos to choose from. Anyone with a head for cards looking for new casino challenges should give it a whirl.