Explaining Online Slots with a Horror Theme to Players

People love online slots with a horror theme for the same reason they subject themselves to the suspense of horror and slasher films – all that terror and gore creates an unrivalled rush of adrenaline.

What’s more, online slots with a horror theme are interactive so players can practically come face-to-face with the terrible creatures of the night that lurk around every corner. It’s the only thing that could possibly add to the existing rush that comes from risking a little to win a lot.

And now, with the advent of modern CGI, online slots with a horror theme are more terrifying than ever before. Players can feel their skin crawl as wicked, dark and just plain gruesome characters take over the reels, whilst an eerie sound track plays in the background.

Online slots with a horror theme are such a player favourite that it’s virtually impossible to narrow them down to a list of the best. But the small sample described below is a really good place to start:

Blood Suckers by Net Entertainment

Blood Sucker is one of the many online slots with a horror theme that conjures a land of villainous vampires in search of their next bite. It is a five-reel, 25-payline video slot designed with a slightly younger demographic of less serious players in mind. This is also why there online slots with a horror theme have a fairly high payout ratio. Its bone-chilling bonus round greatly enhances the thrill of this slot game experience.

Jekyll and Hyde by Betsoft

Everyone knows the infamous tale of the good-natured Dr Jekyll and his monstrous alter ego, Mr Hyde. Betsoft has converted Robert Louis Stevenson’s spine-chilling 1886 story into a five-reel, 30-payline video slot. High-definition 3D graphics and striking animations – together with sizeable payouts – are what make this game worthwhile.

Van Helsing by International Game Technology

Van Helsing, that unconquerable slayer of vampires, emerges on online slots with a horror theme slots game amidst five colossus reels – the latest online slots innovation. This slot features nearly 100 paylines and titillates the senses with bold artwork and striking animations of Van Helsing and his caped nemesis, Dracula.

Alaxe in Zombieland by Microgaming

Alaxe in Zombieland is a terrifying yet tongue-in-cheek take on Lewis Carroll’s 19th Century classic, Alice in Wonderland. Like many other slots with a horror theme, the five reels are set in a spooky graveyard and offer 25 paylines from which players can choose. Along with Alaxe, the inhabitants of Zombieland include a crazed razor-toothed Cheshire cat and creepy red-eyed White Rabbit, among other freaks and ghouls. Players who can stomach the gory visuals and unnerving sound effects put themselves in line for max payout of 50 000 coins.

Frankenstein by Net Entertainment

Unlike other online slots with a horror theme inspired by the story of the Frankenstein, Net Ent’s version features real images instead of childish cartoon graphics. Stills and video clips taken from the original Universal Studios film, which resurrected the misunderstood monster in popular culture, make it all the more horrifying. Frankenstein features five reels, three rows, 20 paylines and a maximum bet of 100 credits.