CS-GO Betting Predictions

Counter Strike Global Offensive Betting  

Counter Strike Global Offensive (or CS-GO) is a multiplayer objective-based first person shooter video game.  Players play as a team member of either Terrorists or Counter Terrorists.  Down to its simplest form, the objective is to either plant a bomb and have it explode – at the peril of a group of hostages, or to prevent the bomb from being planted and exploding.  Players are awarded for objectives mastered successfully, and penalised for failures.  Awards are paid out in virtual money.  Virtual money is used to purchase weapons and upgraded equipment.

During 2013, an additional update was added to CS-GO, making provision for the use of what is referred to as skins.  Skins contained rare and highly useful elements, and could soon be traded among users online.  Skins soon became markers in the game, enabling users and players to wager real money on the outcome of professional CS-GO games, via dedicated gambling sites.

The Basics

Anyone can place a bet on the outcome of a game, regardless of whether actively playing the game or not.  It is important to understand the basic rules of the game in order to make successful CS-GO betting predictions.  Besides being a game of strategy, there are a number of basic tool and elements that make up the base game.  These include Shooting, Crosshair Placement and Map Control.  Knowing the basics will enable the punter to make an informed decision regarding CS-GO betting predictions, based on the in-game player’s general style and experience.


Bullets do not fire in a straight line, but instead move with the recoil of the gun that is being used.  Running and firing blindly is not an effective way of shooting for a kill.  A player’s shooting capabilities will largely determine the outcome of any combat situation.  Shooting strategy is therefore key when considering CS-Go betting predictions.  A poor shot will result in a poor outcome.

Map Control

When a game is played in highly competitive mode (usually the case with professional combat games), it is imperative to have a firm grasp on map control.  This affects everything – right down to which materials and obstacles can be penetrated by a bullet, if at all.

Crosshair Placement

Placing the crosshair in the wrong position will result in a miss instead of a hit.  New players generally have to play through a few games before nailing the technique.

CS-GO Betting Predictions: Understanding Bet Types

Understanding the online betting nz options available to punters is key in making profitable CS-GO betting predictions.  Bet types include predicting which team will win a match, betting on individual maps, betting on handicaps, predicting the correct score, the first kill in a given match and even who the victor will be in each pistol round.  Tournament events are popular among punters from New Zealand – large international tournaments including Dreamhack, ESL One and FaceIT being especially popular.

Most reputable bookmakers offer the possibility of wagering on the outcomes of international tournaments, with CS-GO betting predictions ranking alongside other popular New Zealand betting events such as horse racing and football betting.