Classic Deuces Wild Video Poker

At online casinos, players can choose to play any number of casino games from all around the world. This includes all the classic card and table games like table poker, blackjack, craps, video poker, baccarat, sic bo and more.  Video poker is certainly one of the more popular games, giving players the opportunity to play classic poker games instantly against the computer. In the notes below we are going to look at how to play classic deuces wild video poker. This exciting poker game is played in exactly the same way as standard poker with the addition of a wild card.

What is Deuces Wild?

If you have never played classic deuces wild video poker before, there is no need to worry. The game is played in exactly the same way as a standard game of 5 card draw more commonly similar to Jacks or better. The only difference is that in this game, the 2’s (deuces) are wild and can substitute for any other card in order to form a winning hand. This also means that the minimum paying hand is increased from a pair of jack to a pair of kings.

Starting the Game

In a game of classic deuces wild video poker, the game begins with the player placing his or her bet. This can be done by clicking on the bet one or bet max button. Once the player has placed their bet, they can click on the deal button. The computer with then deal the player five cards. The aim of deuces wild poker is to create the highest possible poker hand with the five cards that you have been dealt. After the first hand is dealt, players must decide which cards they wish to keep and which cards they want to discard.

Creating a Poker Hand

In classic deuces wild video poker, players can keep cards by clicking on the card itself. To start the dealing in the second round, the player can then click on the deal button and the computer will replace the discarded cards with fresh card from the shuffled deck. Once the second set of cards have been dealt, the round has come to an end and the payouts are calculated. In video poker there is a paytable at the top of the screen where players can view the various payouts for the bets places. The computer will automatically determine if the player has a winning hand and will pay out accordingly. The payouts are determined by the hand ranking value and the amount bet.

Deuces Wild Poker Hand Rankings

In classic deuces wild video poker, the minimum paying hand is a pair of kings. This is slightly higher than a standard game of video poker because the game includes a wild card making it easier to create a winning combination. All the other hand rankings remain the same. After a pair of kings, the rankings are as follows, two pairs, three of a kind, a straight, a flush, a full house, four of a kind, a straight flush and a royal flush. The higher the bet in the hand, the more the player is paid out for a winning combination.