Cash Splash 5-Reel Online Slots Overview

Cash-Splash 5-Reel Microgaming Online Slots

In response to the popularity of the original Cash-Splash 3-Reel online slots game, Microgaming has introduced an updated version titled simply Cash-Splash 5-Reel.

Although Cash-Splash 5-Reel retains the classic gaming house theme of its predecessor, it features a number of new additions, including a progressive jackpot, auto play, two extra reels with 15 possible paylines, as well as several new symbols.

Two More Reels and 14 More Paylines

As a result of the addition of another two reels, Cash-Splash 5-Reel has 14 more possible paylines than its three-reeled ancestor. This makes the game more interesting and creates more opportunities to win.

There is only one coin denomination in Cash-Splash 5-Reel – 0.20, with a maximum bet of 3.00 – and you may only bet one coin per payline. This low betting range makes Cash-Splash 5-Reel a relatively safe and affordable option ideal for novices. Nevertheless, the fact that Cash-Splash 5-Reel has a progressive jackpot makes it a potentially very lucrative game despite the low buy-in.

The top three highest-paying combinations are formed by Cash Splash, Money and Seven symbols, with the highest possible Cash-Splash 5-Reel payout, excluding the progressive jackpot, set at 6 000 coins. The smallest possible Cash-Splash 5-Reel payout is on the 10 symbol, where two 10s in an active payline pays out two coins to the total value of 0.40.

New Symbols Plus Scatter and Wild

In addition to its multiple new reels and paylines, Cash-Splash 5-Reel also has more symbols than the older version. This includes vintage-style high-card symbols in addition to the familiar Cash-Splash 5-Reel logo, money, seven, bar, and cherry icons.

In Cash-Splash 5-Reel, blue scatter symbols do not have to appear within an active payline to win and can show up anywhere on the reels to yield a payout, provided there are three or more of them. The Cash-Splash 5-Reel logo, which features the name in bold golden letters behind a splash of coins and notes, serves as the wild symbol. This can be substituted for any other symbol, except for the scatter, to form winning combinations.

The Cash-Splash 5-Reel Progressive Jackpot

In order to qualify for the Cash-Splash 5-Reel progressive jackpot, which grows a percentage set by the casino every time a player spins the reels, players have to wager the 3 coin bet max. Then, if five Cash-Splash 5-Reel logos appear in the fifteenth enabled payline, the progressive jackpot pays out to the winner and is reset to begin growing once more.

Although the progressive jackpot requires five Cash-Splash 5-Reel logos on the fifteenth enabled payline for a win, lesser payouts do occur on paylines 1-14 and when the logo appears 1-4 times on any active payline.

New but True to the Original Classic Theme

Despite these numerous game changes in Pakistan, Cash-Splash 5-Reel remains true to its original look and feel, reminiscent of traditional fruit machines. The layout is clean but colourful, with a bright blue background and the ever-increasing progressive jackpot always on display in bold red print at the top of the screen. The auto play button on real money slots Pakistan is a convenient modern touch that automatically spins the reels via expert mode.