BetSoft Slot Games

BetSoft is a company that has been focusing on creating a very memorable player experience in the gaming realm since nineteen ninety nine. They specialize in making three dimensional games for the online casino industry that are to the highest standard possible. While most games being launched in the industry by other software manufacturers are quite primitive in their graphics, BetSoft slot games and their other games utilise the same technology that is used by both video game manufacturers as well as professional animated feature films.

BetSoft slot games and the other games they produce are also focused on innovation within the industry. It was in two thousand and five that BetSoft began to focus on bringing a true 3D cinematic gaming experience to players. It was through the development of characters that appear on the BetSoft slot games reels, development of various themes for these games, exceptional audio experiences for the player as well as new and exciting bonus features of best online pokies Australia that they were able to help push the envelope when it came to new games being created in the industry.

BetSoft Slot Games

Some of the first slot games created by BetSoft in this new 3D environment were Monkey Money, Wizard’s Castle and Aztec Treasure 3×3. As BetSoft saw two dimensional games as lacking in things like character control, animation, and dynamic lighting, they made these initial games to test the waters. These games lead to the creation of another branch of their development. This branch is called Slots3.

Slots3 saw the introduction of games like Treasure Room and Glam Life and both of these games used three dimensional art and technology throughout the entire game. Everything was three dimensional – from the icons to everything else that the player was able to interact with. It wasn’t long before more games were released and the quality of these games continued to improve and evolve. With the release of Mad Scientist, Slots3 introduced the first slot with a persistent, fully interactive character on screen.

Shortly after, BetSoft introduced yet another new technology. They called this technology EXPANDICON. EXPANDICON introduced cinematics that were displayed before the player actually started playing the game. Since this time, it has been adopted by many other software companies, but it was first done by BetSoft.

BetSoft Gaming Responsibly

In addition to this, BetSoft slot games all adhere to the worlds most trusted and strict regulatory bodies and requirements. All the games also have been given the official Certification of Random Number Generator Evaluation. This certification was conducted by Quinel M Limited and given to BetSoft by eGaming license from Curaçao eGaming.

The RNG system used on all BetSoft games is cutting edge and can make a literal infinite amount of number combinations. This ensures that players who are enjoying a BetSoft game will have a fair and balanced game as the outcomes of every spin are one hundred percent randomised. BetSoft has worked with industry leading math experts to ensure this, and in addition to being fair, they are also secure.