A Variety of Casino Bonuses Discussed for Online Gamblers

Land based casinos have been a hit for centuries past, it was a clear progression for casinos and all their games to make their way to the online arena. Online casinos have taken the world by storm. There are loads of internet casinos available for you to choose from. What can sometimes influence us in making the decision as to which online casino to go for is generally what the various online casinos have on offer with regards to casino bonuses.

Different Casino Bonuses

There are so many casino bonuses on offer that sometimes it’s hard to keep track of them all. Some of them hit you as you enter the online casino site, others are selective and attach themselves to specific games, others are deposit bonuses and there are even some casino bonuses directly linked to your loyalty and how often you frequent the same online casino.

Some of the most popular bonuses include a welcome bonus, a match bonus, free money bonus, sticky bonus, and the loyalty bonus.

The Welcome Bonus

You can take advantage of the welcome bonus, often referred to as the no deposit bonus, by simply registering an online casino account. Most online casinos offer this bonus, and it’s the one that will draw your attention as you enter the site. Lights, flashes, and big bold colours are generally how this casino bonus attracts your attention. This bonus is generally automatically credited to your online casino account. It is always a good idea though to read the terms and conditions attached to this bonus, there might be a minor discrepancy in order to use this bonus.

The Match Bonus

The match bonus is also sometimes known as the first deposit bonus. The way this bonus works is that the site will offer you a match on your first deposit amount. For example this casino bonus might offer you a 100% match bonus for a deposit of $200. If you deposit a full $200 then the online casino will match your deposit by 100% and your account will be credited with an extra $200, leaving you with a total of $400 to play with.

The Free Money Bonus

The free money bonus is specifically relevant to a new player’s first deposit. The casino will tell you that on your first deposit you will receive an additional $100 to play with regardless of what your first deposit amount is.

The Sticky Bonus

Online casinos like to offer this bonus because it looks good at first sight, even from a far it’s not a bad deal. The cash amount that they offer you for free is generally high and can be as high as $3000. The only catch with this bonus is that regardless of which games you play, when you’re ready to withdraw your winnings then the initial $3000 bonus amount will first be deducted from your winnings and the remainder is what you’ll be left with. It’s not a bad deal if you think about it. With such a big bonus to play with it will allow you to play max bet games automatically increasing your chance of winning.

The Loyalty Bonus

The loyalty bonus is based on the player’s loyalty to the online casino website. The more you play, the more you deposit will determine the more loyalty bonus rewards you will receive. The rewards attached to this bonus could be anything from free casino credits, cash prizes and can sometimes even include luxury holiday packages.