A Comprehensive Guide to the 4 Reel Kings Online Slot

A Comprehensive Guide to the 4 Reel Kings Online Slot

4 Reel Kings slots game by Novomatic shows the same game appearing on four sets of five reels on the screen. There are twenty pay lines on each of the four sets of five reels, and they are always active. There is the opportunity of playing on four different slots machines, and one of them is bound to be a lucky one.

The symbols in 4 Reel Kings has letters, a variety of the traditional fruit machine fruits like cherries and plums, bags of cash and the winning number 7. Three blue 7s will win you five times your bet, and three yellow 7s will give you ten times your bet. Three red 7s on the reels will win you twenty five times your initial bet.

The bonus grids are separate, and each of them can win you a great payout.

The Top Jackpot Appears With Five Kings

Graphics in this no deposit casino slot game are bright and cheerful, and there are also some new characters in 4 Reel Kings like chubby round yellow kings wearing crowns. When the whole screen turns into bags of Gold you will win the lucrative coin jackpot in this game.

There is a colourful Wild symbol, which is the Jester’s Hat, and which is able to replace any other symbol in a winning combination, and create extra winning pay lines. The lower paying symbols are the standard playing cards, from ten through to the ace at https://onlinegamblingcasino.co.nz/no-deposit/.

To win the top jackpot, you have to land the Reel King on any reel, up to five reels. Each of the reels will have a classic small three reel slot machine that spins for cash. You can win five hundred times your bet, but you have to land the Reel King on all five reels together. One symbol per reel will win you anything from ten times to twenty times your bet.

Controlling Buttons

The same buttons displayed on the screen control all four sets of five reels. There is a button to adjust the amount of your bet, and a pay table on the side of the screen to check the amount of payouts on each pay line.

There is also an Autoplay button. 4 Reel Kings has a variety of line and line bet combinations to choose from, and these combinations allow slot players of all budgets to enjoy the fun that 4 Reel Kings offers. This game can also be played on your favourite mobile device, whether smart phone or tablet.

This Novomatic slot game 4 Reel Kings offers players four times the action and lots of big prizes and bonuses. One of the reasons that this game remains popular is because it pays well, and will pay often.

Random Bonus Rounds

There are two bonus rounds in 4 Reel Kings that will appear randomly. The 4 Kings feature can appear after any spin, if you land four characters on your reels that are carrying prizes. When you have made your choice, the different prizes will be revealed, and you can win some seriously big 7 themed prizes.

The other feature is known as the Extra Feature, and this helps you to access the 4 Kings feature. The 4 King banner letters light up at random, and once all five of the letters are lit up you will trigger the 4 Kings feature.